ALFA and Friends Coding & Robotics

Code, Build and Explore!
Suitable for age 5 and above

Code, Build and Explore!

ALFA and Friends Coding and Robotics teaches kids how to code, experiment and problem-solve. This programme allows your children to be creative and bring their ideas into reality.

What We Offer

Your children will begin their journey into the STEM world, with the help of experienced teachers, ALFA and Friends Coding and Robotics is designed to nurture your children to be problem-solvers, logical thinkers, creative and have strong self-esteem and confidence!

Experience the thrill by coding and building the robotic kit provided

Help children to learn at their own pace and perform self-assessment

Mentor by experienced teachers to participate in competitions

12 Monthly Progress Report provided

16 fun and engaging lessons for each level to help children code better

Assessment for advancement to the next level

What Your Children Will Create?

From the knowledge and skills learned in the ALFA and Friends Coding and Robotics, the children will be able to create:


Children will create animations by designing interactive characters and backgrounds or scenes


Children will create stories by designing multiple characters and backgrounds


Children will create various fun games


Children will complete different projects to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned

Why Should Your Children Learn Coding and Robotics with ALFA and Friends?

Learning coding and robotics have so many benefits and it was difficult to select just 3 benefits of learning code and robotics! Here are the benefits of coding since early years in different aspects.

Gamer to Developer

With the skill-set acquired from coding and robotics, children will shift their interest from playing games to develop games, apps and even websites!

21st Century Skill

21st century skills are critical for children’s development to prepare them for the future as it consists the Critical Thinking skills and Digital Literacy skill.

Logical Thinking

With coding, it will enhance children’s computational thinking skills by understanding the logic of the coding procedures and sequences.

Our Curriculum


Trial Class Flow


You and your children will have an introduction session with the teacher.

Trial Class

Your children will do 1 coding activity with the teacher or working with the robotic kit.


Teacher will assist you and your children to know more about the programme.


If your children are keen to continue the learning journey, the registration process will start.

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Most frequent questions and answers.

Yes, ALFA and Friends Coding & Robotics provides a free trial to every new child. If you decided that you want your child to continue after your free trial, our education consultant will assist you further with the registration.

In our ALFA and Friends Coding & Robotics classes, we prepare the tools needed for your child, for instance, a computer or laptop. However, if your child own a laptop of his/her own and want to use a personal learning device, you may do so.

Absolutely! ALFA and Friends Coding & Robotics are designed for students with little to no experience. There are many levels that children need to graduate from. These programme start off slower and ramp up steadily.